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You’ve got new headshots! Now what? I’m sure you’re updating your profile picture across all social media platforms, but there’s so many more ways to get the maximum benefit out of your new headshots. Here is how to use your headshot to maximize the investment and help your potential clients connect a face with your virtual presence.

Profile Photo

So, I know I already mentioned this, but you will likely get a couple of final headshots. It may be tempting to vary your profile photo on different platforms. I want to encourage you to use the same shot so that you are easily recognizable and provide consistency in your online presence. We’re talking LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Zoom, Skype, etc…all the platforms. This is also a place to note that using your logo as your profile image is not ideal if you are a personal brand or a business where you are the face of your brand.

Email Signature

Studies show that “seeing” who you’re talking to increases likability. You can create an email signature with a service like Wisestamp or create an image to use as your signature with a site like Canva.


Whether it’s on the homepage or about page or both, your website is prime space for showcasing your headshot. You’ve got valuable knowledge to share with the online world. Make sure your audience knows who is sharing that value with them by including your headshot and branding photos throughout your website.

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Email Marketing

Social media is fickle, but your email list is gold. Sprinkle photos of yourself throughout your email marketing and newsletters to make them more personable. Again, let people know who they are receiving communication from and who is sharing the value.

Print Marketing

Business cards, brochures, and printed flyers are an excellent place to showcase your headshot. Any time you are providing value or communicating on behalf of your business, let people know who you are with an up-to-date, professional headshot.

With the surge of social media and its increasing influence professionally, it’s important to let the world know whom they have the pleasure of working (or potentially working) with. Headshots are vital for making a positive, professional first impression. You know the value and you’ve invested the time and money to get professional headshots. Let’s make the most of that investment by using them well!

Now that you know how to use your headshot, is it time for a new one?

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