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If you’re anything like me, planning what to wear for branding photoshoots can be stressful. I must admit that I’m not the most stylish person, so this task is laborious any time it comes up, whether it’s family photos, branding photos, or a girls night out. Shopping and styling are not my jam, but we often get asked for advice on what to wear for branding photoshoots. Luckily we have some very stylish friends and we’ve combined that knowledge with our years of photography experience and branding expertise. Here are some general guidelines for styling your next branding photoshoot.

what to wear for branding photoshoot

Neutral and/or on-brand colors

Branding images are usually used in your websites, marketing materials, and social media presence. You want these images to generally blend with the overall feel of your brand. You likely have a color scheme or brand colors that are consistent throughout these platforms. If not, neutral colors are an easy go to; navy blue, tan, black, grey, or white seamlessly create a classic look. Also, you’ll likely be using these photos for a while and bright, off-brand colors are more likely to get old fast and distract from the feel of your brand. And from a photographer’s point of view, those bold, neon colors can sometimes reflect off your skin

Solid colors

If you have a favorite pattern, there are tricks to incorporate them in, without it overwhelming the eyes. This rule also applies to logos on shirts. This photoshoot is about you and your brand. You don’t want to promote another brand by wearing their logo.

Good fit

This is not the time to wear that dress that’s just a tad too small and hope that the undergarments will make it work out okay.  Avoid clothes that are too loose, too tight, or uncomfortable.

Accessorize and bring layers

Accessories serve a double-duty as style pieces and props for your branding session. You can completely transform an outfit with accessories. Just a few simple changes in jewelry, shoes, and maybe adding a hat or blazer can take an outfit from work to the weekend or create a completely new outfit.

Options for variety

You don’t want your photos to look like they were all taken in one day, in one outfit. Bring options and accessories to create variety in your shoot. When creating outfits for a photoshoot, I generally plan for three looks: professional, casual, and loungewear.

Professional: This outfit is all business and great for photos related to your work. And when I say professional, that doesn’t necessarily mean to wear a suit or dress. If your field is fitness, you may wear athletic clothing. If you’re in healthcare, it may be your scrubs. However you look when you show up to work with clients is your professional or business attire.

Casual: This is usually a fun outfit. You and your ideal client are hanging out on the weekend, doing some shopping and stopping for lunch. What would you wear? It would be something fun and casual. This outfit is great for sharing more care-free, personal anecdotes on social media.

Lounge: This one is cute and comfy. How do you relax, wind down, or lounge around the house when expecting company? Think about how your client may see you if you invited them over to just chill and shoot the breeze.  

branding photoshoot what to wear

Wear what makes you feel good and confident

More than anything, be you! Getting in front of the camera can be tough enough without having to do it in clothes that don’t empower you. If you’re uncomfortable, it can come across in your photos. And we want you to look and feel your best!

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