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Are you so over seeing pictures of coffee mugs and laptops? Seriously…go scroll Instagram and see how many of the people you follow have an image of them with a coffee mug or a laptop, or better yet, both in the same image. Now, don’t get us wrong…a coffee mug and a laptop are great props for a branding session, but there are so many other props that can provide variety, tell the story of your brand, capture who you are. So branding sessions with ONLY a coffee mug and laptop as your props ends today! Check out these 10 branding photoshoot props that will make your next session from basic to brilliant!

#1 What are your daily rituals?

Do you wake up with a cup of tea? Then bring the coffee mug! Haha! But what else are you doing every day? Do you spend time cuddling with your pet, doing your makeup, diffusing essential oils, journaling, working out? Let’s show those parts of your day with props.

#2 What are you wearing?

What to wear is a whole other blog post, but accessories to your outfit serve as great props. A hat or sunglasses can make an outfit pop and give you something to do with your hands. Make a statement with jewelry, a watch, or a bag/purse. By simply changing up your accessories, you can diversify your portfolio and create a variety of different looks with the same outfit. 

#3 What items do you use while working?

We’re not throwing the laptop out altogether. It’s likely that a computer is an integral part of your day to day business. Your cellphone is also a must have branding photoshoot prop. But, let’s take it a step further. Are you in a traditional office with supplies like post-it notes, pens, or staplers? Find office supplies that match your brand colors for a consistent online presence. Are you a podcaster? Bring the headphones, microphone, and speakers. A makeup artist? Let’s see those brushes.


#4 What products do you sell?

Don’t forget to bring along the product you sell. If you don’t sell a product, then bring along some marketing pieces like business cards or print out digital material that you send to clients.

#5 What are you reading?

Show how you pass time by adding your favorite books to your prop list. Are there industry-specific magazines you read/study to hone your craft and stay in the know? Share them with your audience!

#6 What’s your favorite snack or drink?

Whether it’s your post-workout protein shake, a giant bowl of popcorn, your favorite glass of wine, or your daily cup of coffee. Sharing photos with these items can be a great way to share who you are with potential clients.

#7 Is there something to celebrate?

Any birthdays or milestones coming up? Did you win an award in your business? Want to celebrate an upcoming client win? Balloons, candles, champagne, cake, or confetti make great props for celebrating! No wins yet? No problem! Let’s anticipate the wins and bring the celebratory props anyway!


#8 Do you want to say it with words?

Captions are great, but how many people are reading the whole caption? Sometimes the picture needs your message and this can easily be achieved when you include a letterboard, lightbox, or blank canvas in your props.

#9 What’s coming up on your calendar?

Are there holidays you want to acknowledge in your social media, emails, or other marketing? Are you traveling soon? Bring a suitcase or your passport. Have a speaking engagement? Let’s see the program or your event badge/lanyard.

#10 Other People?

Well, this may not really be a prop, but showing how you interact with your clients, family, or friends can tell a lot about you and your business.

Pro Tip for Branding Photoshoot Props:

The more props you bring to your photoshoot, the more options you’ll have during your shoot.

Tell us in the comments…what props will you be bringing to your next branding photoshoot?

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