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3 Must Know Headshot Basics for Professionals

When was the last time you reviewed your headshots? Do you think they’re still relevant? Regardless of the industry you are in, your headshots matter. How people perceive you is directly linked to the images you use to market yourself as a professional. To help you better decide whether it might be time for a headshot update, […]

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personal branding headshots

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Personal branding photography is a relatively new aspect of visual branding, with savvy business owners jumping on board to take their branding to the next level. A personal branding photography session differs from a typical headshot session in several ways. So how do you know if you need personal branding or headshots? Here are a […]

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A great headshot is a necessity for any business professional. If you’re a member of a team, you’ll want to keep them in mind as well. Have you ever been asked to submit your headshot and then you see it loaded to a webpage with a bunch of mismatched photos of your team? Booking your […]

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You’ve got new headshots! Now what? I’m sure you’re updating your profile picture across all social media platforms, but there’s so many more ways to get the maximum benefit out of your new headshots. Here is how to use your headshot to maximize the investment and help your potential clients connect a face with your […]


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With the surge of social media and its increasing influence professionally, it’s important to let the world know whom they have the pleasure of working (or potentially working) with. Headshots are vital for making a positive, professional first impression.