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You may not always understand the difference between web-sized images vs. high-resolution images, and when it’s appropriate to use each. As a branding photographer, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality images that can be used in a variety of ways.

That’s why we provide both high-resolution and web-sized images so that you have the right size for any way you want to use the photos from your session. By offering both options, we ensure that our clients have the flexibility to use their images in the best way possible. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences and help you understand when to use each type.

Web-Sized Images

Web-sized images are images that have been optimized for online use. They have a smaller file size and resolution than high-resolution images, making them easier to load and display on websites, social media platforms, and email newsletters. Web-sized images typically have a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch) and 1000 pixels or less on the longest side.

When to Use Web-Sized Images

Web-sized images are perfect for online use, where smaller file sizes and faster load times are essential. They are suitable for:

  1. Websites: Using web-sized images on your website is essential to avoid slow load times.
  2. Social media: When sharing images on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, using web-sized images is best. These platforms compress images, and using high-resolution images will result in loss of quality.
  3. Email newsletters: Using web-sized images in newsletters will reduce the size of your email and improve deliverability.

High-Resolution Images

High-resolution images are larger, uncompressed images with a higher dpi (dots per inch) and a resolution of 3000 pixels or more on the longest side. They are ideal for print materials such as brochures, flyers, and billboards. High-resolution images provide a more detailed, sharper, and higher quality image than web-sized images.

When to Use High-Resolution Images

High-resolution images are perfect for print materials. They are ideal for:

  1. Brochures and Flyers: High-resolution images are perfect for brochures and flyers because they provide the highest quality images that will print well.
  2. Billboards and posters: When designing billboards or posters, high-resolution images are essential to ensure that the images remain sharp and clear even when enlarged.
  3. Magazines and newspapers: When submitting images to magazines or newspapers, high-resolution images are necessary to ensure that the image quality is not compromised during the printing process.

Why it matters

By understanding the difference between web-sized vs. high-resolution images, you can make informed decisions about image usage. Remember, web-sized images are perfect for online use, while high-resolution images are ideal for print materials. By considering these differences, you can ensure that you use the best quality images for your needs.

Don’t settle for mediocre image quality. Contact us today to schedule a professional headshot or branding photography session and receive high-quality images optimized for your specific needs. Let us help you make a lasting impression with stunning visuals for your brand.