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We create photo and film experiences where you are fully understood and represented without the pressure of doing it all yourself, or comparing yourself to others. We enjoy capturing the essence of who you are and helping you communicate that to the world with confidence.


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We get a little giddy any time a potential client finds us organically. Angela found us through Google and decided to trust us with her photography needs and we’re so glad she did. Our brand photography for psychologist and aspiring public speaker, Angela Coreil, was such a fun project. Angela works with individuals and organizations to promote better connected, purposeful, and effective living through behavior analytic principles. As she branches out to public speaking and consulting, she sought brand photography to assist her in her marketing efforts.

Planning & Styling

Angela came to us knowing exactly what she wanted. As a female in a male-dominated space, she sought to go a bit edgy with ‘power poses’ and some that were a bit more masculine. In addition, we pulled in props to share where her expertise and inspiration meet. Props for a branding shoot can tell the story of your brand and capture who you are. In Angela’s case, books, a microphone, a laptop, and painting supplies helped tell more about her story. With the right captions, these props will help to tell a more complete story of who Angela is and the works she does.

Some of our favorite shots

brand photography for psychologist
willie and kim branding for psychologist
dallas psychologist brand photography
brand photography for artist

Some things are just too good to be kept to yourself, right? After capturing brand photography for psychologist, Angela, she said:​​​​​​​​ ​​​“When you find people who get you – keep working with them. Willie & Kim were amazing to shoot with and so knowledgeable about branding! Get yourself a shoot with them as soon as possible! Willie & Kim, keep some spots open in your calendar for the Behavior-Behavior crew!​​​​​​​​“

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Amazing brand imagery is meant to be shared! And since no two branding projects are alike, you can feel confident in sharing the love of your favorite photographer with friends! ​​​​​​​​ So here we are… sharing our talents and ready to work with YOU!

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