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If you have a personal brand, chances are, you have an Instagram account. On the plus side, you definitely made the right call to promote your personal brand on Instagram. Unfortunately, countless other brands are doing the same thing. So, how do you make your branding on Instagram stand out?

Here are some tips to help you level up:

Get Clear on Fonts & Colors

To create a stand-out profile on Instagram, select a specific font and color palette, and stick to it. Consistency brings your brand to life and makes it more recognizable. Need help? Canva is a great tool for designing on-brand graphics in no time. If you’re new to Canva, then check out Getting Started with Canva for Entrepreneurs.

Curate Your Feed

The average user will see the first 9 – 12 images of your feed, so make them count. The imagery you choose to use should be well thought out to build a stronger brand story. Use a visual planning tool to experiment with styles and compositions.

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Add Highlights

Make it easier for users to find the content they love by adding highlights to your Instagram profile. Take it up a level by creating brand-specific icons for each highlight reel.

Get Picky

If you don’t have something good to post, don’t do it. Since this is a visual platform, it’s important to be discerning when selecting images for your feed. Instead, create a content schedule to ensure every post has a positive impact on your brand.

Running out of eye-catching visuals to use on your Instagram feed?

Let us help you create a new set of personal branding photos that showcase your personality and tell your story. Branding on Instagram is much easier when you have high-quality imagery. Contact us to get started! We’d love to connect with you!

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