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We create photo and film experiences where you are fully understood and represented without the pressure of doing it all yourself, or comparing yourself to others. We enjoy capturing the essence of who you are and helping you communicate that to the world with confidence.


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While there are plenty of photographers who can take a beautiful photo or a nice headshot, very few traditional photographers understand how to transform your personal brand into images like a brand photographer. They may expect you to have all the ideas, or they’ll come with generic, overdone ideas, like you with your laptop and a cup of coffee, or you with a glass of wine with some friends.

While neither of these images are bad to have, traditional photographers, will not have the expertise you need to create images that truly connect with your audience and grow your social media following.

Hiring a Traditional vs. Brand Photographer

Why Hire a Brand Photographer

A personal brand photographer doesn’t work off of a generic shot-list. They strategically transform your brand into a set of images that connect with and engage your audience. They take the time to understand your brand and your audience. They’ll use this information to create a set of unique images that will truly reflect your brand. These images will help people feel like they know, like, and trust you. It’s far more than just a beautiful headshot.

Brand photographer woman laughing on couch

It’s hard to stand apart from the crowd online. If you’re going to invest the time and money in personal brand photography, picking a traditional photographer who doesn’t understand how to transform your brand into images is a mistake. You’ll blend in with everyone else and the images won’t strengthen your brand. If you want to use images to enhance your personal brand and grow your business online, you need to work with someone who specializes in Brand Photography.

Dallas brand photographer

Pro Tip: Look for variety and ask to see a single client’s full gallery.

Look through a photographer’s portfolio. Do they have “go to” poses that they do with everyone? Or do they have a wide variety of images that vary from client to client?

We also recommend that you ask to see a full gallery from a single client. You’ll see more than just the best images that were posted on their website. You’ll get a better sense of how much variety you can expect from a single shoot and how well they capture a client’s brand.

If you want to see what we’re talking about, check out the variety of images in our portfolio. You can also view a full client gallery here. And if you’d like more pro tips about hiring a brand photographer, we’d love to help. Simply enter your name and email address below.

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