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I can’t be the only mom who struggles with wanting to feed her family healthy meals and snacks. When Lidia reached out to me about and unboxing video for her subscription box company, I was quickly intrigued and excited to work with her.

unboxing video savvy snack box subscription

Savvy Snack Box is dedicated to providing families with healthy snack options conveniently delivered each month. We collaborated to create a short unboxing video to give potential clients and idea of what they can expect to receive in their monthly subscription box.

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Lidia first shared a box with our family. We loved every piece of it.

unboxing video savvy snack box subscription

I’ll be honest and let you know that going to the grocery store and reading nutrition labels is overwhelming…and that’s an understatement. It was nice to eat snacks at our home and not have to question the quality of the ingredients. It’s hard to eat healthy, but Savvy Snack Box takes the guesswork out of snacking.

And don’t forget to let us take the guesswork out of creating video content for your business.



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