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If you’re anything like us, you have tons of snapshot memories locked up inside your camera roll, possibly in a disorganized mess! Have you ever looked for that “one picture”, only to give up after scrolling for what seemed like forever? We’re sharing our top 5 tips to organize your phone photos so that you can enjoy them with ease from this day forward!

organize your phone photos

1. BACK-UP: We can’t stress this enough! Back up those precious photos or make sure you have cloud storage. A lost phone means lost photos.

2. DECLUTTER: The delete button should be your BFF on your phone! Go through your entire camera roll and keep 2-3 of the best photos of an event. Delete anything you wouldn’t want to print. Not sure you can do this? Create a folder titled “Declutter”, adding photos you simply can’t delete and go back later to decide which ones should survive and which should not.

3. ALBUMS: If you don’t use them yet, you’ll love this system. Create 6 – 10 Albums to sort your photos into and pick names for them. Example: Family, Trips, Holidays, Business, Pets, Inspiration, Décor, Nature, etc. Note: If you delete any photos from your camera roll, you will also be deleting from the folder you’ve saved it to.

4. EDIT ALBUM: If you like to edit any photos before sharing them on social media, consider naming an Album “To Edit”. Then, once you’ve edited the photos, delete them from this Album and move them to the appropriate Album for sharing.

WEEKLY: Delete any photos that you don’t absolutely love.

MONTHLY: Sort all photos into the appropriate Albums and backup

YEARLY: Use your organized Albums to create fun photo gifts

How will you organize your phone photos?

Whether you apply one tip or all five, we hope this helps you to organize your phone photos! The everyday photos that you are capturing in your phone shouldn’t add another disorganized stressor to your life!

If you’d like to take better photos with your phone, stay tuned!