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If you’re a business owner struggling to find quality branding photos, a mini brand session might be the perfect solution. With both full and mini brand session options, it’s important to consider which is right for you. While full brand sessions offer more flexibility, mini brand sessions are perfect for those on a budget and provide around 10 photos in a set location and time. No matter which option you choose, professional branding photography is crucial for building a strong brand presence.

Let’s talk about a few of the differences between and full brand session and a mini brand session.

mini brand session | Willie & Kim Photography with Rosemary lewis


For mini brand sessions, the location is set and limited to one specific location. Clients will work within the designated location. In contrast, for full brand photo sessions, we coordinate a location or multiple locations that best match the client’s brand. This may include a studio, AirBnB, private home, out on the town.

Date and Time

Mini brand photo sessions typically have a set the date and time, with clients choosing from available time slots. This enables clients to plan accordingly, with minimal back-and-forth communication needed to finalize the schedule. On the other hand, full brand photo sessions involve collaboration between the client and photographer to find a mutually convenient time. We typically book full brand sessions six to eight weeks in advance.

Number of Photos

Full brand photo sessions typically yield a higher number of photos than mini brand photo sessions. Depending on the session, clients can receive anywhere from 150 to 300 photos. This provides a broader range of images for various marketing materials, social media posts, and website content. On the other hand, mini brand photo sessions typically include a set number of photos, usually around 10. However, clients can still do a lot with these images. With careful planning and creativity, 10 high-quality photos can be used in various ways to promote a brand.


Full brand sessions require detailed planning. The process includes pre-session consultations, discussions about the brand, and creating mood boards and shot lists. We help you choose the best locations, outfits, and props to align with your brand’s vision. Mini brand sessions require less planning as the client handles it themselves. We provide resources like helpful blog posts and emails with tips and tricks emails to give you guidance.


Full brand photo sessions receive 150+ photos, with the option to purchase physical products or retouching. In contrast, mini brand photo sessions typically have a fixed price and a set number of images, usually around 10. If clients want more photos, they can purchase additional images or the full gallery at an additional cost.

full vs mini brand session | Rosemary Lewis | Photo by Willie & Kim Photography

Full or Mini Brand Session: Which is right for you?

Both full and mini brand photo sessions can be beneficial in creating a strong brand presence through high-quality brand imagery. If you’re a business owner struggling with getting quality brand photos, consider a full brand photo session. Start building a strong brand presence through professional branding photography.

And if you’re interested in a quick, budget-friendly option, a mini brand session may be the right fit for you. Check the calendar for brand mini session availability.