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One of the most important decisions for any photoshoot, and especially for branding, is location! Three key things we look for when choosing the best photoshoot locations are natural light, variety, and neutral space.

What to Look for when choosing the Best Photoshoot Locations

Lighting. Good lighting is a photographer’s best friend, and natural light is king! We actually love experimenting with lighting, and yes, we can set up lighting equipment to make a darker location work. But, we would much rather use that time to capture stunning photos of you.

Variety. Variety isn’t just the backdrop, but can also be created by different pieces of furniture, various wall patterns, and different combinations of home decor. It’s also a bonus if the location has nearby outdoor options too. We don’t want your photos to look like they were all taken in one day. Variety in the location and wardrobe help us to accomplish this goal.

Neutral Space. We want spaces that will fit your brand regardless of your brand colors or style. The more neutral the space, the easier it is for us to make sure you and your branding shines and the location doesn’t steal the show.

Aside from Google and word of mouth, we often find these places just by driving around. Any given day, you’ll see us pulling over the car to scout an interesting place we pass while on our way to our destination. You can do the same! Driving to Starbucks and see a cool building on the way? Stop the car, get out to look around, and envision your next photoshoot in that space.

Now that you know what to look for, here are a few of our favorite locations around Dallas.

Clients’ Homes

A home naturally provides variety. Think waking in the morning, fixing a meal in the kitchen, lounging in the living room, working in a home office, chilling outdoors on the patio. The different rooms of your home each provide a unique set for photos. If your own home isn’t as picturesque as you’d like, airbnbs are an excellent alternative. In the age of social media, most airbnbs are designing their spaces to be insta-worthy! They provide a neutral space that has been thoughtfully designed.

best photoshoot locations - clients' homes

Dallas Arts District

There are lots of places to choose in Dallas, but some of our favorites are Deep Ellum, the Arts District, and Klyde Warren Park. These are all within a 5-mile radius and each provide a unique atmosphere and backdrop for photos.  In addition to lots of light and variety, there are also great spots for shopping, eating, and entertainment. And we can often pop into these establishments for a few fun shots. We’ve also been able to take photos at lots of hotels in the downtown Dallas area.

Studio Rental

Renting a studio is another option. There are several to choose from in the Dallas area. One of our recent favorites is Black & Light Studio in Carrollton, TX. The 10 floor to ceiling windows provide amazing natural light. The white walls and floors make this a very neutral space. And you get so much variety with unique furniture, rolling backdrops, and lots of props. This studio is versatile and chic.

There are a lot of things you can change during a photoshoot: posing, hair, wardrobe, props, etc. The location is usually not one of those things. So choosing the right one for you and your brand is important. Remember to look for natural light, variety, and neutral space when choosing a location for your next photoshoot. And if that feels overwhelming to you, we love to source locations for clients to take the guesswork out of this important decision. Not just any location will do. Let use help you find the best photoshoot locations!

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