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If you’re going to invest the time and money in professional headshot photographer, make sure to select a photographer who will not only take great images but one who will also help you show who you and your ‘brand’ are. We are your Dallas headshot photographer and we’ve got some tips to help you decide if you need an update!

With the surge of social media and its increasing influence professionally, it’s important to let the world know whom they have the pleasure of working (or potentially working) with. Headshots are vital for making a positive, professional first impression.

You may need a new headshot if:

  1. You’re promoting yourself with a photo more than 3 years old. You don’t look like that anymore. If a prospective client or employer meets you in person after seeing your headshot, they should be able to easily recognize you.
  2. You cropped your ex (or anyone else) out of the photo to post it. A photo that looks like you’re trying to crop someone out doesn’t communicate intentional.
  3. Your photo was taken at a party or on vacation. When there’s too much going on in the background of your headshot, it distracts from the main subject: YOU!
  4. You had the camera in your hand when the photo was taken. There’s a difference between a selfie and a self-portrait.
  5. You don’t have a headshot at all. You could be missing out on business opportunities (AKA “money”).

Does your current headshot or profile photo have any of these problems? Let us help you fix that with an updated headshot! We are your Dallas headshot photographer and we’d love for you to book with us today.

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