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We create photo and film experiences where you are fully understood and represented without the pressure of doing it all yourself, or comparing yourself to others. We enjoy capturing the essence of who you are and helping you communicate that to the world with confidence.


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I’ve been interested in getting into being a food photographer for the last 5 years. It’s been difficult to connect with chefs or bakers in the Dallas area. I’ve talked with a couple of aspiring chefs, but they weren’t in the right season to work with a Dallas food photographer. Year after year, potential opportunities would pass and fall by the way side until I met Marlene, owner of Knife & Faulk.

Marlene contacted me needing headshots. As we’re talking about how the session will go, I discover that she’s a chef. With a BIG and BRIGHT smile I said, “O really”? She explained that she was trying to jumpstart her business with some new headshots for her website and social media. Then I asked if she also needed professional images of her food to go along with her new headshots. Marlene explained that professional images of her food would be nice to update her website because she only had cell phone images.

This is what brand photography is all about. We help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations create content for their website and social media that allows them to be seen. We capture the individuality of a brand so they are set apart from their competition. 

Within a couple of months we created new and professional images of her food. Marlene was so excited each time we met. Cooking excites her and the images we captured showcased her craft beautifully. Each time we’ve teamed up, Marlene has cooked creative food and styled each dish with care. The food looked, smelled, and tasted delicious…yes, we ate the food too. That’s just one of the many perks of being a Dallas food photographer. After all, you cook to eat! Marlene has the expertise and passion for cooking. We not only captured that in photos, but with a highlight video as well.

We cannot wait to see where Marlene’s business goes from here. If you’re in the need of a caterer for your next event, look no further. Knife & Faulk creates menus that are imaginative and sophisticated. In addition, the service is executed with a high level of professionalism and detail. Tell her that Willie & Kim sent you! She will not disappoint. And if you need photography or video to grow your brand, you know who to contact!