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More and more professionals are choosing to include a headshot on their business cards. This is a particularly popular option professionals that rely on facial recognition. If you’re considering a business card headshot, you might be wondering what headshot to use or if you should include a photo at all.

We believe every professional should have at least one good headshot, whether this is for a business card, marketing materials, or your online profiles.

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Let’s take a close look at the dos and don’ts of business card headshots.

What to Do

First, if you want to include a headshot on your business card, do hire a professional photographer. These photo sessions don’t take too long and are affordable too. Before you hire a photographer though, make sure that headshots are one of their specialties. A photographer who specializes in headshots knows how to tell your story and highlight your personality. 

Hiring a professional also means you will receive high-resolution images that have been touched up, which will look good on your business cards. 

Before you start your session, take the time to consider your audience. What would you usually wear to a client meeting? What you wear and how you look will create a positive first impression. When it comes to choosing an outfit, there’s business professional, business formal, small business, and business casual attire to consider. 

Opt for colors that look good with your skin tone but stay away from any clothing or accessories that will serve as a distraction. This is especially true if your business card is colorful and creative – you will want your headshot to be simpler. 

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What Not to Do

Stay away from busy, distracting backgrounds that take the focus off your face. The background you choose should also speak to what you do and offer. Props are not recommended for headshots – less is more for this type of shot. 

Lighting is also important. If you won’t be shooting in a studio, don’t choose a location that has insufficient natural lighting. Speak to your photographer about lighting options if you will be shooting at home, in your office, or in a public location. Early morning and evening sun are always more flattering than the harsh overhead lights that can often be found in an office. 

Before your shoot, don’t forget to give your photographer some insight into what you’re all about and what you specialize in – this will help them showcase your personality through your photos. 

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