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We were so excited to capture brand photography for fitness trainer, Ashley Nicole of RA Warrior Fitness. Ashley Nicole empowers women living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other autoimmune diseases to improve their quality of life.

Planning and Styling

brand photography planning

We started with a consultation where we discussed Ashley Nicole’s brand. We wanted to know what she does, who she does it for, and the promise she delivers. As a trainer living with rheumatoid arthritis, she wanted to communicate the importance of faith, food, and fitness. We were so excited to capture brand photography for fitness trainer, Ashley Nicole of RA Warrior Fitness. She wanted to be sure to capture lifestyle in addition to fitness. She already had an established brand aesthetic so we were sure to incorporate those when thinking of props and backdrops.

During our consultation, we also honed in on the online nature of her training and the product she sells. These details were important in capturing images that would speak to the many aspects of her business. We compiled all of these details in our photo style guide for our client. We outlined location details, timelines, props, shot lists, and notes that served as the blueprint for our photo session.

Ashley Nicole booked our Standard Brand Photo Shoot which gave us 2 hours to capture lots of content. This is enough for at least 3-6 months of consistent posting without feeling overused. We chose Lumen Room Dallas White since Ashley Nicole expressed wanting a clean, studio feel. This location has various furniture props that we were able to arrange to create various ‘sets.’

Some of our favorite shots

brand photography for fitness trainer
brand photography fitness trainer
dallas brand photography fitness trainer
online fitness trainer brand photography
fitness trainer headshot

It is so rewarding to work with entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry. We loved partnering with Ashley Nicole to increase awareness of her message through beautiful, authentic, professional images for her brand. Follow RA Warrior Fitness on Instagram to see how she uses her stunning brand photos! She flawlessly combines her RA story and health and wellness tips with her brand photos to market herself!

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