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senior photos golfer

Senior year is a packed season of life with SAT/ACT scores, cap and gown, letterman jackets, class rings, prom, graduation…and the list goes on. In the midst of all the busyness, you’re also trying to figure out the best time to schedule senior photos. It’s one question we get asked often and there is no […]

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photo booth rental props

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A photo both launch party? Yep! That’s right. You didn’t read it wrong…we bought a photo booth. We hate it when a client asks for a service and we have to say that we don’t provide that. Well, this one has gotten asked many times. We’ve even set up backdrops and taken pictures photo booth […]

senior portraits guide

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For most parents, senior portraits are a distant memory. They have changed a lot over the last two decades, incorporating more creativity and individuality than ever before. Seniors have a lot more options available to them, ranging from traditional sessions in a studio to trendy urban shoots. This is the perfect opportunity for them to […]

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The location of your personal branding photoshoot helps tell your story. It will also play a role in the first impression you create and what type of audience you attract.  When you think about personal branding photography, a studio setting is usually what jumps to mind. However, this is only one of the many options […]

benefits of a personal branding photoshoot

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Your personal brand is something you should feel proud of. Finding the time to schedule a branding photoshoot isn’t always easy but if most entrepreneurs knew just how beneficial it can be, they would all be doing it a lot sooner. When it comes to building a strong personal brand, it’s important to get the […]