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If we’re absolutely honest, we have been slow to build a strategy with Instagram. But any entrepreneur, business, or personal brand knows that there is so much power in social media marketing. Posting a gorgeous picture is one thing, but the conversions happen in the captions. And we can’t be the only ones who labor over captions. So, today, we’re offering you 5 Instagram Post Ideas to go with the great pictures you’re posting!

instagram post ideas - willie & kim


Want to know the best way to get engagement on social media? Post a photo of yourself. For years, we only posted images of our work, but as soon as we posted images of ourselves, the likes and comments went through the roof. We spend so much time behind the camera that we often forget to step in front of the camera also. While it can feel awkward to share about yourself, here are some ways we’ve done this:

  1. Share a traditional about me to introduce yourself.
  2. Play 2 Truths and a Lie and watch the comments roll in.
  3. Share a fun fact. It can be related to your business or totally random.


Why do you do what you do?  What’s your brand mission. Let your followers know who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and what makes you different! It can be short and sweet, business or personal…pair it with a photo of yourself and it doubles as an introduction post. This Instagram post idea is a must have for you feed.


Let your followers imagine what it’s like to work with you by pulling back the curtain and giving them a peek into your process. Whether it’s how you prepare or what it looks like on the big day, these posts have value. Pair this caption with an image of you in your workspace or an action photo of you doing what you do.


Think about the mistakes you see your ideal client make or the questions you get asked all the time…your FAQ. Each of those questions is an opportunity for a post. This is an excellent chance for you to add value for your audience. We’ve done this by offering simple tips about taking better photos with a cellphone and helping followers to know if they need a new headshot.


You talking about yourself is one thing, but when someone else can validate your business in the form of a testimonial, it provides a social proof that is priceless. Whether you’re collecting testimonials informally through text or more formally through something like Google reviews, bottle those up and share them. We often pair these with an image of the client and sometimes, we add a snippet of their review to the image as well.


Coming up with captions for instagram posts can be time consuming. We’ve found that keeping these post categories in rotation is a great way to fill our content calendar. Some other categories that we use regularly are behind the scenes, personal insights, encouragement, benefits of working with us, and showcasing our work. Hopefully, these will help you with some caption ideas to pair with your images. And if you don’t have the images you need or you notice gaps in your marketing images, you know who to call!