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Funny story…Rosemary, a dear friend of mine, wanted to start incorporating more video into her business as a real estate agent, but was “scared” to get started. She knew of my background with film and had seen a few personal projects I’d done. Willie had been talking to me about using my filmmaking skills to add another dimension to our photography business. While I was interested in film and it excites me, I was “scared” to leap into this venture.

Guess what? One day, Rosemary and I decided to DO IT SCARED! And now, God is using us to bring out each others’ gifts. God is a provider. He knows exactly what and who we need in our life.

Our choices to push through the fear has resulted in two things:

1. a blossoming Youtube channel where Rosemary is posting new real estate tips every week and acquiring new clients because of her video content.

2. Team Howard Photography is now Willie + Kim, where we create dynamic portraits and film that showcase individuality so that you confidently stand out.

Rosemary has a great application for you in this story. If God has given you a desire and it scares you…DO IT SCARED! And look around, He’s probably already placed the right people in your life to help you accomplish whatever you desire. He loves you like that!

What’s that thing that you want to do, but fear holding you back? Drop it in the comments so we can encourage each other!



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